Artful Meditations

Class and Workshop Descriptions


Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Mindfulness classes meet once a week for a number of weeks, usually 6 to 8. Each class provides instruction and practice with exercises that increase awareness. The classes include a description of what will be practiced and why it is beneficial, sitting practice, walking practice, and mindful speech and deep listening. Sitting practice consists of sitting on the floor or in a chair with a straight spine and focusing attention on your breath. Walking practice consists of walking at a slow pace focusing on your breath – taking one step on an in-breath and one step on an out-breath. Mindful speech and deep listening are practiced during a dialog session where each person may share their experience. Sharing is optional. The exercises are simple and can be practiced easily on your own. No prior experience is needed.

Most classes are taught in Chelmsford, Mass.


Mindfulness Meditation Workshops

Workshops focus on a particular Mindfulness skill, such as awareness of feelings or how to create more peace in your life, or specific issues, such as working through fear or how to eat consciously. The workshops are taught in one session lasting 2 to 4 hours. Workshops are taught in various locations around Mass, including Chelmsford.


On-Site Workshops

I am available to teach workshops at your location, depending on the distance and number of participants. If you have a group of 8 or more people and are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact me at for availability and rates.


To register for any workshops or classes or for more information, contact Lisa at


2013 Class and Workshop Schedules