Artful Meditations

The Secret to Life

A man was searching for the secret to life. He asked many people “What is the secret to life?” and none of them knew the answer. One day he was told that there was a wise master who lived at the top of the highest mountain in a land far away, and if he could find him, then he would know the secret. His desire to know was so overwhelming that he embarked on the journey which took many months. He encountered much difficulty, but he kept going and finally reached the mountain. He climbed to the top and found the master just as he had been told. Breathlessly, he approached the master, feeling a sense of elation and excitement at the prospect of finally finding the secret to life.

“What is it you seek, my son?” The master asked.

Totally exhausted, but relieved and exhilarated at the prospect of discovering the secret, on the verge of tears, he said, “I want to know the secret to life.”

The master paused and, looking straight at the man, he said, “The secret to life is never to argue.” He stopped.

The man waited for him to continue but after several seconds he did not.

“Go on.” said the man, thinking he might be waiting for permission.

The master looked at him again and said, “The secret to life is never to argue.” Then he stopped and sat peacefully looking at the man.

When no more was forthcoming, the man realized he was done talking. “WHAT!? That's IT! Nooooo... That CAN'T be the secret to life! You're WRONG!”

The master did not stir, but continued to look at the man through loving eyes and said, “Okay.”



It's funnier when Mike tells it. Someday I'll have a video.