Artful Meditations


“Lisa facilitates meditation classes in a very straight-forward, approachable manner. She has a long and rich experience in the practices, and is sincerely interested in showing others how they can apply to everyday life. Her humble yet intuitive style invites each member of a meditation class to unfold in their own way, and at their own pace. With love and gratitude,”Diane L.

"Lisa is very committed to her practice, it shows in her teaching ... the techniques she presented were instrumental in helping me transition with a stressful job change. I highly recommend anyone looking to reduce stress in their life to study with her.”Jon B.

“I cannot begin to describe how you helped change my life for the better. I remember coming to you with great anxiety and you patiently explaining the meditation process to me. No one had ever told me that anything I did was okay. Those words spoken so knowingly by you calmed me down and began the understanding of what life and immortality really was. I come to your sessions rarely now but the change in my life is permanent and amazing.“Nina P.

"Lisa is a VERY special person and a wonderful teacher. Her approach is incredibly supportive, patient and encouraging. She shares various techniques and tools that teach her students how to easily access equanimity and balance in every moment. I look forward to practicing with Lisa any chance I get and miss her tremendously now that I have moved out of the area."Nanci M.

“I found Lisa to be a wonderful teacher and I’m grateful for my advanced and master level Reiki training under her tutelage. She is a creative, patient, and thoughtful in getting the material across. An excellent teacher of mindful meditation and Reiki.”Eric C.

“I still think about how you and your class led me to this radical thought -- that it's okay to feel good.”Bob B.

“Lisa has the unique ability to make meditation practice accessible to all levels. Each class offers techniques that can be practiced away from the classroom and into our daily lives. Lisa is a sincere and compassionate teacher who offers a trusting and safe environment where one can practice in comfort. She is a joy to learn from and study with.”Diana K.

“Lisa made mindfulness meditation accessible for me, and the ability to participate in a group session is an added benefit. Meditation provided me a lifeline during a particularly difficult family problem, and now I find that it improves and supports me through the best of times.”Linda M.

“I recently took a meditation class with Lisa, my first meditation class ever. Lisa eased us through the process so I felt really uncomfortable. She has a very straightforward approach, which appealed to my left-brain tendencies, but by the end of the class I felt like I'd tapped into my more spiritual right brain. I'm excited about continuing to practice what I learned.”Jennifer C.

“Lisa facilitates an excellent beginning mindfulness meditation class. Her gentle manner engenders a non-threatening environment in which to learn and practice.”Jim H.